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Travel Tip: Traveling with Hearing Problems

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If you or someone you know has difficulty hearing, you know how challenging things can be on the road. Here’s what’s out there to help you out.

Whether it’s hearing your tour guide, a public address announcement, or a live performance, these issues can be compounded when traveling. The good news?

More and more places are implementing something called induction loops, or hearing loop, to make things easier. The way it works is that a building is fitted with a copper wire that sends electromagnetic signals through a microphone or PA system.

A telecoil inside your hearing aid then picks up that sound, without all the background noise.  Some hearing aids are already equipped with the telecoil, and others can be fitted.

It’s a lot less cumbersome than an assistive headset and it’s free for users.  Hearing loops are already in place New York subway systems, Heathrow Airport and the Heathrow Express, even the ticket counter at Yankee Stadium.

Just look for a sign with a picture of an ear that says “hearing loop installed” and turn on the telecoil. You’ll hear the sounds loud and clear.

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