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Travel Tip: Where to Go this Year

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Everyone always asks me questions like, “Where should I travel this year?” Or, “Where’s your favorite place to travel?” Like everything, the answer is…it depends.

Looking for an affordable, but still exotic getaway? Consider Cape Town, South Africa, where the dollar is king right now.

Or check out Malaysia, where the dollar is about three to one. This country is also so modern and accessible that it’s now becoming known for something other than shopping and spas…it’s a medical tourism hotspot. Everything from preventative wellness care to major surgery, at a fraction of the cost of the U.S.

Want to go where there are no crowds? Try places like Tasmania or Wales, which are often overshadowed by their more populated neighbors, and have tons of open, green space.

And then I have my enduring favorites, like Cuba, where I’ve been traveling for 30 years, and very little has changed.

And you don’t want to overlook Panama as the next big destination. It’s a well-kept secret among retirees as an affordable, easy-to-get-to spot…and if you want eco-tourism, this is the place to go.

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