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Fantasy Baseball Camp: Weathering Injuries

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Roy Berger may have a strained hip flexor, but that doesn’t mean he’s on the bench. As his Pirates training heats up, read on to see how he steps up to the plate despite an injury. 

Prior to this morning I had no idea what a hip flexor was. Now I’m the proud owner of a strained one!

I knew it was something A-Rod would injure every August and excused him from hitting in the clutch for the rest of the season.  I knew the mention of a hip flexor was an injury that would make every Yankee fan cringe and boo heartedly whenever #13 would return to the dugout hitless…

Yesterday during a lackluster 1-6 day at the plate, every time I tried to turn into the ball my lead or right hip would be in pain.  Thought nothing of it other than another area I needed to ice after the doubleheader.

The problem was last night and again this morning when I went to put my pants on. I had to hold on to something to lift my right leg.  I finally bit the bullet this morning and went to the training room at Pirate City.

The staff had me lie on a table; trainer lifted my right leg and I just about screamed. He said now I know what a hip flexor strain feels like.  I was a little disappointed as I hoped it was a tweaked groin muscle. That kind of injury has mixed emotions.  You hate that you tweaked the groin but at 60 it’s nice to know you still have one to tweak.

Was down on the training table for about 15 minutes with just about the hottest compress I’ve ever felt.  Took it off and could walk rather freely again but when I went to put my uniform on I still needed to brace myself.

With nine able bodies and the first round of the playoffs 90 minutes away there was no room to even think about going on the disabled list. We need everyone and just about all have some bruises, bumps and limps not only on our team but throughout camp.