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Travel Tip: Culinary Boot Camp

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When I say boot camp, you’re probably thinking intensive training and army crawls through the desert. Well, there’s  something called culinary boot camp that’s a lot more fun. The Culinary Institute of America, the other C.I.A., is a professional program. What you might not know is they also offer boot camp programs that range from 2-5 days. It’s an intensive program, but the cool thing is that anyone can do it, even if you’re someone who can barely boil water.

Individual hotels are getting in on the concept too. There’s a new program at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas called Food University. The idea? To turn you from a casual food lover to a pro in three days. In Washington D.C., the Liaison Capitol Hill, an Affinia Hotel, has a program where guests and groups can learn all about head-to-tail dining. You’ll get out to visit local farms, and see how the hotel’s restaurant uses almost every part of the animal in its preparations. Then again, maybe you don’t want to know that!

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