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How to Protect Your Personal Information on the Road

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Did you know that 38 percent of credit-card hacking cases involved the hotel industry? It happens because many hotels haven’t—and won’t—spent the money to upgrade their computer systems against hackers, so when they swipe your credit card, the information is there for the taking.

If there’s one drawback about being on the road, it’s that too many of us become lax with our personal security while we travel and we’re in unfamiliar surroundings, working in public spaces.  Yes, there is free Wi-Fi in our hotels, airports and restaurants. But that also leaves us wide open for scammers.

To move toward a more secure card, many countries have embedded cards with microchips, known as EMV chips. However, many U.S. cards still use magnetic strips so look out for the cards that now have both the secure chip and magnetic strip.

Sit down with Peter at his desk to learn how to protect yourself financially and digitally.

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