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Travel Tip: Chartering a Yacht is Possible

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It’s high season in the Caribbean and if you’re like me, you’re dreaming of sailing off into the sunset. And guess what? Charting a yacht or boat is an attainable dream, if you plan properly.

First determine your level of expertise. For insurance purposes, most charter companies will test your sailing skills and request a sailing resume that lists your experience. If you come up short, they may require that you hire a captain.

Some companies will check your credit to make sure you have the funds to pay for any damage.  Much like a car rental, be sure to go through any boat you charter with a checklist writing down missing equipment or damage.  You’ll want to make sure your water tanks are full, your radio works, and you have enough fuel for the trip.

Consider insurance to cover your costs should there be any damage.  And if you plan to live on your chartered boat, don’t get drawn into paying for a full provisional package that supplies all your meals. You’re going to want to stop at at the local seaside restaurants and markets along the way.

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