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Travel Tip: Sun Protection in Winter

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Now that we’re well into winter, it’s easy to forget that the sun can be just as damaging as on hot summer days.  You really shouldn’t overlook the importance of protecting yourself no matter what the thermometer says.

When you head to the ski slopes, keep in mind that fresh winter snow can reflect as much as 80 percent of UV rays.  That’s several times more than water or sand.  Not only are those rays harmful to your skin, there’s also a danger to your eyes – leading to conditions such as clouded lenses and cataracts.

Remember that good quality ski goggles with UV protection are a much better option than sunglasses.  And because the air is a lot dryer in winter, especially in higher elevations where the atmosphere is thinner, it’s important to reapply that sunblock frequently.

And here’s a tip you can use any time of year.  It’s called the shadow rule, which means that the longer your shadow, the lower your UV exposure.  So plan accordingly whether your hitting the slopes, the beach, or just strolling around town.

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