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Voluntourism Spotlight: La Giraudiere, Brossac, France

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Some of the best voluntourism projects come from working with your passions and interest. For those who dream of France and the rustic charm of country living, there is a one-of-a-kind voluntourism project in in Brossac at La Giraudiere. Learn more about this working holiday in rural southwest France on this weekend’s broadcast of Peter Greenberg Worldwide and check back every Wednesday for more voluntourism opportunities.

La Giraudiere is an old French charentaise masters house or maison d’maitre which fell into disrepair after being neglected for more than 50 years. Through its volunteer program the property and grounds are now being restored and reinstated. Volunteers are needed to help with construction, renovation and property maintenance as well as household management, administration and general office duties.

Would you believe that a historic maison tweets? It does! Volunteers also help with marketing by researching and writing blogs  for the website and contributing posts to the social media accounts.

People from all walks of life–students, retirees, and professionals–have all contributed to the property restoration, the park and its website.

La Giraudiere initially opened its doors to volunteers back in 2007, and since then has accommodated over 300 people from around the world. The volunteer program is very flexible and they try to involve you in something that you would either like to do or would like to learn. You can spend a week on building, then a week on gardening followed by a week on blogging; the decision is yours as to how you help.

Rates are as low as 18 euros a day and include accommodation and meals in exchange for 21 hours of work per week. Visit La Giraudiere‘s website to learn more.

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