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21 Things to do Before the World Ends on 12.21.12

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It’s just two days away from the end of civilization according to the Maya, so why not hit the road? We rounded up 21 crazy adventures to take before the apocalypse or to add to your bucket list in case this isn’t the end of civilization. Time is ticking and money is no object at this point, so get out there and experience the top 21 things to do before the 21st!

21. Exotics Racing, Las Vegas – Always wanted to drive a Ferrari, a Lambo, Austin Martin? How about all of them, and then a few more? Exotics Racing in Las Vegas lets you get behind the wheel and on the race track with a huge selection of exotic cars. It would be impossible to pick just one, so go ahead and splurge with their 13 car combo pack. Experience driving 13 different exotic cars for a total of 65 laps on the track for just $3,499.

20. Tanks for Everything, New Zealand – It may be the end of the world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in a little destruction of your own! Tanks for Everything features six  different military vehicles for you to drive ranging from a 4×4 Jeep to a 52 ton Centurion battle tank – you can even pay a little extra to drive your tank over a car. Prices start as low as $100 to take the Jeep for a spin, but why not make the trip worth it and go with the $1695 Mega-Manoeurves package which includes some wheel time on each of the six vehicles, including both battle tanks, and a car to crush. Bring it on, apocalypse!

19. Island Vista, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – With the threat of the end of the world looming some look to spend their last few remaining days experiencing new adrenaline-pumping activities, while others just want to enjoy their time with relaxing and being pampered. Why not do both? Island Vista is offering an excellent package for you to get in all that last minute relaxation while still experiencing some thrills. For just $595 you’ll get a two-night stay in a one-bedroom luxury suite which includes a one-hour, in-room massage for two and private four-course dinner overlooking the ocean. From there visitors can choose from several great activities to add on to their experience such as snorkeling with sting rays, a 50 foot above water, 1,000-foot zipline, or even sky dive from two miles above the earth at one of the only two East Coast locations which feature an over ocean dive! The best part is, if it turns out this whole end of the world thing is just a silly false alarm, the deal will remain active as long as needed.

18. Bonaventure Resort & Spa, Weston, Florida – Live it up like the one percent. The Bonaventure is offering an “End of the World – Make it Count” package for one night only on the 21st. Package includes limousine transfer to the resort where you will stay in the Presidential Suite, complete with butler service and fully stocked bar, spend the day in the resorts 48,000-square-foot spa, take a golf lesson, and enjoy an meal for two prepared in room by the resort’s executive chef. The package will set you back $10,000, but hey, you can’t take it with you.

17. Elephant Trek, Golden Triangle, Thailand – At the Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle the winter season means the start of Sunrise Elephant Treks. The treks began at 6 am as you experience sunrise behind the mountains of Laos with views of the Mekong River in the morning.