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Peter Greenberg Worldwide–London, UK–December 15, 2012

Locations in this article:  London, England

Peter has been staying at The May Fair hotel in London for more than 25 years. He used to stay there just because of its great location close to Picadilly, but not because it was the greatest of hotels. The May Fair needed a lot of work…. and now, that has happened, along with attention for style as well as substance. The “new” May Fair is a cutting -edge hotel, with one of the hottest bars in London and rooms that are state of the art (but not so high tech as to forget “high touch”).

Over the weekend, Peter returned after a long hiatus to broadcast his radio show. And it’s not just about May Fair renovations, but also unsung events throughout the EU, the latest London exhibits, and believe it or not…new upgrades to English food.

Click here to see the complete guest list and stream the complete show below.

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