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Travel Tip: Lost ID? Don’t Worry.

Locations in this article:  Minneapolis, MN

Have you ever arrived at the airport only to realize you forgotten your ID? Don’t panic. There are actually some tricks to get through domestic security without it.

As with many travel secrets, there’s often a gap between the rules in place and the rules enforced. If you forget your ID and time is of the essence, that magazine you brought to read on the plane could save the day.

If you’re willing to verify identity specific information about yourself, as well as undergo additional security screening, it is possible to be cleared without a physical ID. Expect your boarding pass to be marked with the dreaded the “SSSS” and you’ll be sent for additional screening.

If your ID is lost or stolen during travel, file a police report and bring a copy to the airport. This will help you get through the verification process much faster.

Some US airports, such as Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport, have been known to abide by this unwritten rule if the piece of mail is printed with a name matching your boarding pass. Pop a magazine cover or a bill in the back pocket of your suitcase for emergencies.

Each situation is dealt with on a case-by-case basis, so nothing is foolproof. But it always pays to know your options ahead of time.

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