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Icarus Award: Carnival Snubs & JLo Slights

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Don’t expect fair treatment on the road this week. You’ll find KFC as your on-board meal, a diva talking down to travel industry employees, drag queens considered terrorists by Carnival cruises and even more slights. Courtney Crockett rounds it all up in this week’s Icarus Award.

Air Kentucky

KFC is the newest planned menu item of eight Japan Air flights departing Tokyo’s Narita Airport. The meals of a drumstick, Original Recipe chicken breast, coleslaw and flatbread will be served in economy and premium economy. The self-dubbed “Air Kentucky” will operate for the next couple months as a holiday treat. Nothing screams holiday cheer like a box featuring Colonel Sanders face.

Oh Yes, They Did

This week Carnival reversed a recent ban on drag aboard its“Drag Stars at Sea Cruise.” What we still can’t get over is their reason for the ban in the first place: to protect the children, in the regular families they accidentally booked on the cruise. Carnival quickly realized their mistake and turned a corner, noting it wasn’t about the children at all. Instead, the ban centered around post 9/11 security concerns…because transgender is synonymous with terrorist, obviously.

Flaming Lips Versus Flaming Granade

Flaming Lips lead singer Wayne Coyne thought it would be a good idea to bring an unexploded grenade through an X-ray machine at Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma.  For Coyne the only way to travel is in style, which is why his grenade was gold plated. When the bomb squad had to be called in, the airport went into a full lockdown. This fashionista also seems to have an incredibly rational thought process, blaming the “airport’s bureaucracy” for the events that unfolded because he’s “not making the rules.”

Jenny Forgot The Block

It seems J.Lo didn’t learn from her leading role in Maid in Manhattan, after reportedly having a hotel maid fired for audaciously requesting her autograph earlier this month. Her diva behavior continued last week when she refused to even look at a United Airlines flight attendant taking drink orders in first class. Instead, she asked for a Diet Coke with lime through her personal assistant, who is evidently the only one with whom she communicates. Chances are, Jenny has been served a few Diet Cokes sneezers.

First Class to Mordor

Air New Zealand just unveiled its new hobbit-themed plane to promote the new movie, a prequel to the “Lord of the Rings” series. The graphic on the Boeing 777 is the largest to ever be placed on the outside of an aircraft. In October, Air New Zealand launched its most popular in-flight safety video to date, starring the characters of middle earth and a wizard pilot. The best clip is a toss-up between Peter Jackson’s cameo and the most sensual life vest demonstration in history.

Dishonor our Troops was the biggest Thanksgiving hazard. Check out the Icarus archives for previous winners and losers And cast your vote here in this week’s poll.

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