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Travel Tip: New Airline Fees

Well, boys and girls, Spirit Airlines has done it again, now charging $100 for a carry-on bag. Yes, you heard that right. Here’s what’s happening in the world of airline nickel and diming.

Spirit Airlines is known for rock-bottom fares, but they more than make up for that by charging for everything short of breathing.

The latest fee is $100 to carry on a bag if you pay at the gate. If you pay online ahead of time, it’s “only” $35, and $50 at the airport ticket counter.

But, as we all know, Spirit isn’t the only airline to charge for checked luggage. In fact, last year, the 17 largest airlines in the U.S. generated almost $3.36 billion—yes, billion—in checked bag fees.

Other optional fees include priority boarding and upgraded seats—a number of airlines are even retrofitting their planes to accommodate more higher-priced economy seats.

Fees for reservation cancellation or ticket changes generated nearly $2.4 billion last year.

Earlier this year, DOT rules on transparency in airline fees went into effect.

Congress has now created a committee to recommend even more protections of fliers’ rights, and guess what? They want to hear your voice too.

Go to and look for the Advisory Committee for Aviation Consumer Protection to submit your comments.

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