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Travel Tip: Complaining via Social Media

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If you’ve ever filed a complaint with a travel provider, chances are you’ve had to wade through paperwork or an automated phone system. But more and more companies are paying attention to the power of social media.

You might remember when director Kevin Smith complained about a Southwest flight on Twitter, which made national news. But you don’t have to be a celebrity to have the same effect.

Even in the clutter of the Internet, when there’s a compelling story out there, readers are likely to share it with their followers, which makes your voice resonate.

Not only that, but travel providers themselves have a significant audience—in fact, JetBlue has nearly 1.7 million followers on Twitter alone, and all of those people can see your complaint. Some companies even have Twitter accounts specifically for customer service.

And while most companies say they don’t have the authority to respond to complaints through social media, trust me, they are paying attention.

For the most effective communication, keep your post short and to the point. Don’t clog up their feed with a rant.

And follow up through the formal channels, including the dreaded online form or customer service number, so you have that all-important paper trail.

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