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Travel Tip: Private Jet Travel

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Sure, private jet travel seems like it’s only for millionaires, but there are programs out there where you can get access to a private jet if you really want to travel like the one percent.

For starters, there’s the concept of fractional ownership of a private jet. Think of it like a timeshare for jets. It was started by a company called NetJets, where you can purchase an undivided interest of a specific aircraft. The minimum 1/16th ownership translates into 50 flying hours a year.

Now it’s not cheap—you pay for the share, a management fee, a fuel surcharge, and an hourly rate. So we’re talking anywhere from tens of thousands to millions per year.  But they also have the Marquis Jet Card, which gets you 25 hours of flying hours at a time with one payment.

A similar option is also available with FlexJet by Bombardier, where you can buy a certain number of flying hours.

Now there a new company launching called Jumpjet. The way this one works is that you pay a monthly fee to get access to a private jet. Those rates start at $2,350 a month, which gets you 10 round-trip flights a years within 1,750 miles.

It’s still not for everyone, but at least you don’t have to go out and buy your own plane!

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Feature image credit:Wikimedia, user  AlCapone31