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Travel Tip: Where You Can Get A Head Start on Fall Foliage

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Vermont Fall Folliage

Credit: Visit VT Tourism, via Facebook

It’s hard to believe, but it’s coming up on fall foliage season. Instead of getting caught up in the October crowd, get a head start in some of the lesser-known regions where the leaves start changing earlier than most.

As a rule of thumb, leaves need that cold snap to change into bright colors. Without that, they just turn brown and die. But when the conditions are right, you can find great color in places that no one else even knows about!

Your best bet is to go east, and to higher elevations. So in New England, that means Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, toward areas like Lake Willoughby. It’s remote, that’s for sure, but the northerly location means an early season.

And here’s a place that no one ever thinks of for fall foliage: Michigan. I’m talking about the Upper Peninsula, where the leaves start changing as early as mid-September. Go as far north as you can to the Keweenaw Peninsula.

And while Utah has been warm and dry lately, they’re expecting those leaves to change early. That’s right, it’s not all red rocks over there.  Check out Tony Grove on the Logan Canyon Scenic Byway  and areas of Upper Big Cottonwood Canyon.

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