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Travel Contest: Winner Olympic Bucket List Challenge

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It’s time to make your bucket list dreams a reality. Inspired by the London 2012 Games, we asked you for your athletic travel dreams and now we have three last medal winners. Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to:

  • Susan M. Kornblut won the Gold medal and a $200 Visa gift card with this response:

The SEC Football championship in Atlanta GA this December. I am a huge college football fan have season tickets to the University Of SC and would love to see them play Bama for the Sec crown this year. I use Tripadvisor to tell me about hotels to stay in Atlanta that are close to the Georgia dome. I would use Priceline to book because I seem to get great prices on rooms with them if I bid..I would use Ebay to find tickets or craigslist depending on what seats were available and I would drive to Atlanta since I live 6 hours away using to look for the lowest fuel prices in my area before I left for my trip to Georgia.

  • Elizabeth won the Silver medal and a $100 Visa gift card with this response:

One of my travel dreams is to go to an Olympic Games Opening ceremony. I think it would be cool to go to Rio 2016 and enjoy the whole spectacle. I have always wanted to be in the thick of it while the whole world watches. It is on my bucket list because I hope to be able to fluent in Brazilian Portugese by then and hopefully, I won’t be such a fish out of water, language wise. I will probably use Kayak to help me find out the best price on the airline that I want and use their price watch tools to better know the best time to purchase my tickets. I will be using AirBnB to find a nice place to stay that will feel a little less like a hotel. And I will be using all the tips and tricks that have been posted lately and that are in Peter’s books. [Editor’s note: we didn’t tell her say that, we swear!]

  • Charnise Mason won the Bronze medal and a $50 Visa gift card with this response:

The Vuelta a Espana Cycling Races in Spain I love the competitive races and to especially enjoy the midday siestas I often hear about. The airline I would use are Continental, Air Europa, US Airways, Delta, American Airlines and or Iberia, they are the only airlines that offer a direct flight.

Stay tuned next Thursday for a new challenge. Want a hint? Think open road.

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