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One-Tank Trip: Exit the Highway from Milwaukee to Green Bay

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Vacationing is not just about getting far away from home – sometimes the best vacations only take a day and are right in your backyard. Exit the highway and see where your next journey will take you.

Just one tank of gas can take you from Milwaukee to Green Bay, uncovering some interesting experiences and great natural wonders along the coast of Lake Michigan.

Drive along  I-43 to nature-oriented spots like Schlitz Audubon Nature Center and to the Woodland Dunes  Nature Center for some of the most diverse and interesting wildlife in Northern America. Then for an alternative to visiting a zoo, the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary features local native animals, including eagles, fox, and wolves all rescued from the wild. The best part the public can visit the center for free!

Watch Travel Correspondent Alyssa Caverley’s one-tank adventure to see all of Wisconsin’s wildlife and natural resources. Check out more one-tank trips that get you off the main road at

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