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Slideshow: Taiwan Street Eats & Night Market Surprises

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With another summer weekend underway, you’re probably thinking about hamburgers, hot dogs and other backyard barbecue favorites, but if you really want to see something amazing look at what they’re tossing on the grill in Taiwan. From the delicious to the, er, exotic, Julie Alvin shares some national and local specialties. 

Taiwan boasts a remarkable variety of street food, and the ubiquitous night markets and open-air vendors around the country are the best spots to sample national and local specialties.

A port city, Kaohsiung’s proximity to the ocean means that Liuhe Night Market is replete with fresh fish. Silvery belt fish, steamed clams with water spinach, shrimp and pigeon egg nuggets and huge prawns are on offer. Customers can hand-pick their seafood, then pass it to the cooks to prepare it in an open-air kitchen.