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Slideshow: 8 End of Summer Festivals from Around the World

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Summer is more than half over, officially  but please don’t write it off. Starting today through the end of the month, we’ve rounded up all the different end-of-summer festivals from around the world. There really is something for every type. From throwing tomatoes to watching offbeat films to trying the tango, check out eight wacky options in Cully Schneider’s report.

Tomato-throwing Festival (La Tomatina)

Plaza del Pueblo, Bunol, Valencia, Spain
August 29

You say tomato, I say DUCK! Get into a mess of fun with Spain’s annual Tomato-throwing Festival. Be sure to bring goggles, but don’t worry, the tomatoes are provided. Once the morning food fight is done, the streets are hosed down by fire trucks as calm returns to the small town.