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Voluntourism Spotlight: Nevada Bird Habitat Project

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Casinos may be the obvious attraction of Nevada tourism, but there is more to the state than testing your luck at the slots. In this week’s Voluntourism Spotlight, find out how you can give back more than just your gambling losses. Learn how you can enrich the state’s ecosystem with WorkingAbroad Project’s program with the Nevada Bird Habitat Project. Check back every Wednesday for more voluntourism opportunities and tune into Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio on Saturday for more information.

Take a break from the bright lights of Vegas and take a trip north to volunteer in Reno with the Nevada Bird Habitat Project.

Habitat Project volunteers help with the restoration of cavity-nesting songbird habitats by removing mining claim posts throughout Nevada. The removal of these posts will help protect songbirds, reptiles and small mammals from injuries and restore nesting opportunities for dozens of animals across the state. While in the field, participants will camp near the project sites around the state with tents being provided, and on days off, volunteers will stay in dorm-like accommodations in Reno.

The program is run through WorkingAbroad Projects, a UK-based nonprofit. Since 2002, the organization has worked to bring volunteers to small scale organizations throughout the world that focus on environmental preservation and eduction, wildlife and habitat conservation, organic agriculture and cultural development.

If you’re looking to join the WorkingAbroad group in Nevada, there are still three programs available this year. There are programs through August 12 to September 22, September 23 to November 
3, and November 4 to December 15.

Participants in this trip should be at least 18 years old, speak English, healthy and capable of carrying out manual labor in strenuous conditions, and able to hike to and from project sites. Trip fees are $580 and include all transportation within Reno, accommodation, meals, tents and equipment usage, training, and orientation.

More information about this program can be found on the WorkingAbroad Projects’ website.

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