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Travel Tip: Wackiest Vending Machines

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We’re all used to grabbing a soda and chips from a vending machine when we travel, but these days, some vending machines are offering some really unusual items.

Ever heard of the cupcake chain Sprinkles? Well, some people like them so much that there’s now a 24-hour vending machine in Beverly Hills. So if the shop is closed, you can still get your cupcake fix.

Here’s a really crazy one: a lobster vending machine? Yes, I’m talking about live lobsters where you pay $3 to grab your own dinner with a claw. It’s controversial, but hey, at least it gets you involved in the process!

Throughout the East Coast, look for vending machines from Moo Bella. We’re not talking ice cream sandwiches here. You pick your ice cream and the mix-in to create your own flavor.

And keep your eyes open for this one. A mall in Cape Town recently had an iced-tea vending machine that was activated by—get this—Twitter. That’s right, you send out a tweet, it tracks the coordinates, and a can will pop out.

And yes, it’s also a promotional stunt, but talk about being on the cutting edge of technology.

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