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Travel Tip: Alternatives to Hotels During Sporting Events

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Fitz-George Avenue. Credit: One Fine Stay

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and when it comes to scoring last-minute accommodations during major events like the Olympics, sometimes it pays to be creative and skip the hotels altogether.

For starters, why stay in a hotel when you can camp out? And by camping, I mean, sleeping in someone else’s backyard. That’s right, a resource called Camp in My Gardenoffers up open spaces where you can stay on the cheap.

The website OneFineStay is all about living like a local in London or New York. You rent out a local’s home while they’re out of town, but not just any home—these are some seriously nice digs.

Apartment-style accommodations are also another option. The Grosevnor House Apartments in London still has availability during the Olympics—it’s not cheap but it’s a great option to stay in an apartment with all the amenities of a hotel.

And there are the old standbys, like Whether it’s the Olympics in London this year or the 2014 World Cup in Rio, the idea is that you can rent out a home, a room, or just a couch and avoid the pricey hotel scene altogether.

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