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Radio Guest List–Soho Grand Hotel–July 7, 2012

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There’s no shortage of things to do in New York. New restaurants, parks, galleries, museums and attractions open up everyday. For the real local’s experience, head out of Times Square and begin to explore the city’s neighborhoods.

This week, Peter Greenberg Worldwide heads to New York City and the Soho Grand Hotel. Find out about some of the most obscure and off-the-beaten path destinations in the city, local celebrity hotspots, what sets SoHo apart in the world of music, fashion and art.

Click here to listen to the show streaming live from 10am until 1pm ET on Saturday, July 7, 2012.

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Featured guests include:

Stephen Cloobeck, appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce as Brand USA Chairman and CEO of Diamond Resorts International, fills in listeners on the latest efforts to promote U.S. tourism, new improvements to Diamond Resorts properties and his dedication to the Brent Shapiro Foundation for Drug Awareness.

Richard Farnabe, executive chef at the Soho Grand Hotel, discusses how “farming” for produce atop the hotel’s rooftop organic garden has influenced his menus.

Gwen Flamberg, senior editor for Us Weekly and author of the Beauty Trend Watch blog on, offers an insider’s perspective into celebrity hotspots in NYC.

T.M. Rives, author of Secret New York – An Unusual Guide: Local Guides by Local People, explores the hidden places of America’s metropolis exposing some of the most obscure and off-the-beaten path destinations in the city.

Peter Blachley, founder of Morrison Hotel Gallery, opens up about the catalyst for the gallery’s opening, his favorite spots to photograph in the city, and where visitors must go…apart from his gallery!

Courtney Scott, senior editor for, recommends the cheapest weekends to travel this summer, and the most popular post-Fourth of July travel destinations.

Mick Rock, famous photographer often referred to as “the man who shot the 70s,” discusses life in the early days of SoHo when he first began taking photos, how living in New York shapes his style, and brings him back to the Big Apple.

Rachel Felder, New York-based writer and expert on style, trends, travel, and author of Manic Pop Thrill, chats with Peter about what sets SoHo apart in the world of music, fashion, and trends, and her favorite places to dine, shop, and explore.

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