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Travel Tip: Camera Apps

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More and more travelers are starting to leave their cameras at home and instead are relying on their smartphones to capture those special moments. So why not check out some of the better smartphone camera apps out there?

Most people heard of Instagram when Facebook spent $1 billion acquiring it. Not to worry though. The app is still free and it’s still a pretty good option for photo sharing and adding unique filters.

Another good option is the Camera Plus app, for a whopping 99 cents. What sets it apart is that it separates the exposure and focus features, and it has the all-important camera stabilization so you don’t get blurry or shaky images.

And from the folks who created the photo sharing site Smug Mug, there’s a free app called Camera Awesome.
It takes great pictures and also location tags the images, as well as uploading them to a number of online platforms. It even has editing software built in, so you can adjust features like sharpness and contrast—or as they call it…awesomizing the photo. You can’t make this stuff up.

Bottom line? Unless you’re planning on being published, you don’t have to spend thousands on a camera when your existing technology can do the job for you.

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