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Beat the Heat: 4 Unexpected Summer Activities in Arizona

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Temperature of 110 degrees mights not seem like an ideal vacation, but it can be great for your wallet as well as your sense of adventure. From spas to shooting ranges, Arizona resident Dena Roché shows how to beat the desert heat with four eclectic Southwest offerings. 

When the talk turns to vacations, most people try and get away to sunny destinations, but a summer vacation in the desert?  Come on, that’s just for masochists right?  Nope, it’s for anyone looking to vacation in five-star luxury with a recession-strapped wallet.  When the sun sizzles, so do the deals in Arizona.  Here’s how you can take advantage of amazing resort rates and have a fantastic getaway even if it is 110 degrees!

First of all you need a little knowledge and a strategy.  I’m not going to kid you, 110 degrees IS hot, but it’s not unbearable.

Remember, it’s a dry heat so you don’t have energy sapping humidity to contend with.  But to enjoy your desert oasis you need to be smart―don’t plan outdoor activities for peak temperature times, drink plenty of water, wear a (stylish) hat and for goodness sakes, put on sunscreen.

Scottsdale is a smart casual town in terms of dress, so dress cool, but you’ll probably want to carry a sweater because arctic air conditioning makes many restaurants and theaters too cold! The following four summer activities will keep you cool and entertained during your Arizona summer adventure.

Wish Upon a Star

You’ll see stars all summer long at the five-diamond Four Seasons Scottsdale.  No, not the Hollywood kind (although they get those too), but the ones you wish on in the night sky.  Every Friday night the resort offers complimentary stargazing with professional astronomer Richard Allen.

For  romance under the night sky, the Celestial Picnic is the way to go. It includes a picnic basket filled with gourmet picnic items as well as a blanket and constellation chart.  Guests can customize the basket and also add a telescope or a guided star gazing session with Allen.  Musicians, photographers and even a personal butler for the night can also be added.

The Four Seasons is offering rates from $149 between June 1 and August 31, 2012.  Best of all, thanks to the resorts location in far North Scottsdale, temperatures can be up to 10 degrees cooler on property than in the heart of Scottsdale!

See and Swim

While many tourists imagine Scottsdale as part of the Old West, it puts out much more of a Beverly Hills than Beverly Hillbilly vibe.  If you’re looking to see and be seen there’s no better place to do it during the summer than at WET, the rooftop pool at the W Scottsdale.

Every Saturday afternoon through the end of August an outrageous pool party overtakes WET.  Guests and locals alike enjoy guest DJs and special summer drinks like Vitamin W and La Poire Vanille while working on their tan and beating the heat in the refreshing waters.   Access to the party is complimentary to all hotel guest and $25 for non-guests. The only downside is that lounge chairs are for guests only.  But with rates starting at $149, it’s not hard to join the crowd.