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Travel Tip: Truly Unusual Restaurants

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Every so often, I come across a dining experience that’s so wild, and so unusual, I just have to share it:

Asia seems to be at the forefront of unusual dining environments. Ever thought about…a toilet-themed restaurant? The original one started in Taipei, and now the restaurant chain, called Modern Toilet is all over Taiwan and China.

OK, so that one’s not really my favorite, uh, pit stop. But here’s what’s really cool:  how about aviation-themed restaurants?

There’s an A380-theme restaurant that just opened in China. But if you want the real deal, head to the Airplane Restaurant in Colorado Springs—it’s actually located inside a 1950s Boeing KC-97 tanker.

Ever heard of dining in the dark? That’s a recent trend that looks like it’s here to stay. There are now a number of places where you literally dine in pitch blackness—so you can focus on sensations like touch, taste and smell.

There’s Opaque in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and Dans le Noir in cities like Paris, London and New York.

Last, but certainly not least, is a really crazy one: How about dining at a table that’s suspended by a crane, 165 feet in the air? The chefs do the cooking in the middle of the table.  The company, Dinner in the Sky, is Belgian, but it’s appeared in special events all over the world.

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