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Travel Tip: Banned Items on Planes

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While it’s a no-brainer that certain items, like knives and lighter fluid aren’t allowed in plane cabins, there are a few banned items that might surprise you.

If you suffer from breathing issues or allergies, your doctor may have recommended a personal air filter, which is a small device that hangs around your neck. Seems pretty innocuous…right?

Not so. There have been a couple of cases of the lithium batteries exploding inside the device—in mid-air and once in an airport. So most airlines now ban these devices.

However, that doesn’t mean all lithium-powered devices are banned. Medical devices and items that use lithium-ion batteries, like laptops and cellphones, are allowed.

Some airlines also ban filters that attach to the overhead air nozzle.

But here’s the thing…most modern aircraft are supplied with HEPA filters anyway, and those are very effective at capturing microscopic bacteria and viruses.

So for the most part, your biggest concern in the air is to stay hydrated, mobile and wash your hands frequently. If you have severe breathing problems, the airline can supply you with oxygen or you can bring certain brands of Portable Oxygen Concentrators with advance notice.

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