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Travel Tip: Hotel Bike Programs

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—in some cities, getting around by bicycle is the best way to immerse yourself while covering a lot more ground than on foot. Here’s who’s making that possible.

The Charles Hotel in Cambridge, Massachusetts, offers guests free Electra bicycles that even come complete with a shopping basket. Pack a picnic lunch and head out on an 8-mile ride along the Charles River or through Harvard Square.

Portland, Oregon, is a huge biking city, and RiverPlace Hotel by Kimpton lets you take out their free bikes to ride along the river.

Both The Bowery and The Maritime Hotel in New York loan out Earth Cruisers to their guests. Just don’t forget the helmet—bike riding in Manhattan isn’t for first-timers!

Morgans Hotels, which has properties in cities like New York, Miami and London, is all about being green—and one of those initiatives includes loaning out free Dutch-inspried bicycles.

And while the rental isn’t free with San Diego Bike & Kayak, they will drop of the bike at your hotel to save you the trek out to the shop.

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