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Travel Contest: What YOU Need on the Road, Week 3 Challenge

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It’s the last week of the What YOU Need on the Road contest. We’ve covered flying etiquette, driving trips and this week we’re going abroad. Answer our travel process question for a chance to win some of our favorite travel gear.

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This week we’re focusing on international travel:

When you’re putting together an international travel budget, you probably consider the cost of hotels and flights and set aside money for meals and excursions. Too bad, it’s not that simple. The costs of goods and services fluctuate from country to country, not to mention currency exchange rates, international credit card fees, and much more. All too often we return home to unpleasant surprises on a credit card, hotel or cell phone bill.

To win this week’s challenge, tell us about an unforeseen expense you encountered abroad and your advice for how to avoid it next time.

Fill in your answer in the comments. Keep reading to see what this week’s winner will take home.