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Contest: What YOU Need on the Road

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Each week we’ll select a winner who will take home these four innovative travel products.

On the road, you’ll have the Parrot MINIKIT+, a portable hands-free kit capable of managing, simultaneously, two Bluetooth mobile phones. The Parrot MINIKIT+ automatically synchronizes its directory with the connected mobile phones, and can memorize up to 2,000 contacts. Compatible with all Bluetooth mobile phones and smartphones available in the market. A2DP Bluetooth technology enables users to listen to a smartphone’s playlist directly on the Parrot MINIKIT+. The TextFriendlyTM service available by subscription allows users to vocally manage emails and SMS while keeping hands on the steering wheel. The winner receives a trial membership to TextFriendlyTM.

On road trips or long flights, we’re all searching for ways to be comfortable, and one thing that helps is the Cabeau’s Evolution Pillow™, which is made with High IQ Dynamic Density Memory Foam and offers lateral head support and a side toggle lock that holds the pillow in place. To stay entertained, the pillow has a media pouch that holds your cellphone or mp3 player. It also has earplugs made of memory foam if you want to drown everything out. The pillow comes with a travel bag that compresses it to a quarter of its size and has a removable machine washable cover.

Baggage fees are going up while carry-on space is decreasing and the Scottevest has a whole line of clothing products designed to make flying more efficient. The Travel Vest offers 24 pockets, so it’s like a bonus carry-on! The pockets offer storage for travel documents, headphones, a cell phones, tablets, eyeglasses and more. Plus it’s water and stain resistant, lightweight and machine washable.

Overseas, you’ll benefit from a Telestial Wireless Solutions SIM card, which most often offers the lowest rates for data and voice communication around in the globe. We all know mobile phone providers charge an arm and leg in data and roaming fees almost the minute you turn on your smart phone on in foreign countries. Instead, we’ll replace your SIM card in any unlocked global smart phone with a Telestial prepaid SIM card, valued at $200 and your rates for international calls will be as little as 49 cents per minute. Plus users receive free calls in more than 75 countries (using a global UK number). And prepaid data is available in 135 countries for as little as 39 cents per MB. The SIM card comes with Telestial’s 24-7 customer service hot line.

*Simcard available for overseas travel to these select destinations: Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, UK, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey and the UK.