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Travel Tip: Luggage Trends

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They say necessity is the mother of invention, and nowhere is that more true than in the luggage business.

The biggest trend right now is lightweight luggage. Why? With airlines charging to check bags, travelers want to cram everything and their dead grandmother into their carry-on. And no one wants to pay excess baggage fees for checked bags.

Almost all of the big players are making ultra-lightweight luggage, including Delsey‘s Helium line and Zero Halliburton’s Air collection.

Then there’s space-saving technology. Briggs & Riley‘s Baseline series has a system that expands the case by about 25 percent just by pushing or pulling a latch. A new company called Biaggi only makes wheeled cases that are collapsible for easier storage.

And don’t expect to see as many black suitcases on the conveyer belt. It’s all about bright colors and personalization. Coverlugg makes suitcase wrappings in everything from leopard print to your favorite team logo, and Dot-Drops makes cases that can be customized using durable adhesives.

Or just skip the luggage altogether and a really innovative item…the Scottevest. There are so many pockets in these jackets and vests that you don’t need to pack a bag!

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