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Ask Peter: Fantasy Camp Prep, Monte Carlo Day Trips & More

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Is your spring break not living up to your expectations? Are your summer travel plans just as confusing? Ask Peter! The Travel Detective is here to solve your problems. Peter will be standing by to take your calls tomorrow Wednesday, April 4, (starting at 6pm ET) on his Peter Greenberg Worldwide Radio Broadcast.

You can talk to him at 1-888-88-PETER (1-888-887-3837), email,  tweet questions to @petersgreenberg (use #askPeter), or post questions on his Facebook page

This week, Peter shares how to prepare for fantasy baseball camp, day trips from Monte Carlo, group flights to Ireland, and cruise deals after a string of bad press.

Connie Hess Meyerhoff posted this question on Facebook: I’m going to Monte Carlo this year. I was wondering if you could tell me about any great day excursions for the area.

Peter replied: You can hop on the train and in 40 minutes or less you’re in Cannes, Nice or Villefranche, one of my favorite little villages with a beautiful harbor and great restaurants. If you want an organized tour, they have tours of Monte Carlo through, which will take you to some of the historic cathedrals, the Formula One Grand Prix track, Casino Square, the palace and let’s not forget the casino. Beware of the fact, though, they charge admission to the casino. You don’t need an organized tour. The actual area is so small and compact, so you can walk Monaco and Monte Carlo.

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Lee Warner tweeted: I read the blogs on your website about fantasy baseball camps. My wife got me the Yanks for my 40th. What’s the best way to prep my old body?

Peter responded: First of all, the biggest mistake people make when they go to fantasy camps is that they don’t do enough exercising before they go. For at least a week before you go to one of these fantasy camps, go to the gym. Don’t do something crazy, but work on the treadmill. Work on your cardio endurance, make sure you get into a whirlpool and make sure you really do some stretching. I’m telling you, once you get out there, by the end of the first day, you’ll need massage therapy. And here’s some advice: If you’re going to go the Yankee fantasy camp and you don’t want to be berated by a Yankee veteran – I’m not talking about a dropped ball or making an error – my biggest advice to you is do not, I repeat do not, wear any paraphernalia associated with any team other than the Yankees.

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