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Travel Tip: Airline Innovations

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Although airfare may be going up, we’re seeing some changes in the airline industry that are worth noting. Ever heard of premium economy seats? Those are the seats with extra legroom and additional amenities like priority boarding. The idea is that the airline can earn extra revenue, and coach passengers get better seats without having to pay for business or first class.

United has had a lot of success selling its Economy Plus seats. Delta has installed Economy Comfort seats on transcontinental and international flights.

Now American Airlines is installing Main Cabin Extraseats across its entire fleet in the next year and a half.

The other changes we’re seeing? More overhead luggage space. The overheard bins on planes are being reconfigured to fit more carry-on luggage.

And the good news is this isn’t a money-making scheme. It’s meant to prevent passengers from having to gate check at the last minute.We’re going to see this on a number of airlines starting this year, including United, American and Delta.

Bottom line? It’s still going to be a bumpy year in air travel, but at least the in-flight experience is starting to improve.

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