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Travel Tip: Historic Voluntourism

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Think voluntourism can only mean working with kids or animals? Think again. There are some great ways to lend a helping hand and get a little history lesson along the way.

There’s a very cool program in France where you can actually help preserve medieval architecture.  La Sabranenque is a non-profit in Provence that teaches you how to use ancient techniques like stone masonry to restore old structures.

Want to travel back in time? The Earthwatch Institute has a 14-day program in Devon, England, where you can get involved with excavating Roman ruins.

You’ll get to work side by side with the experts to dig up these ancient artifacts, take field notes and analyze your discoveries.  And you don’t necessarily have to travel to Europe to learn about history.

Crow Canyon Archaeological Center has programs to help excavate in the Mesa Verde region, to learn  about the Pueblo Indians who inhabited this area centuries ago.  Best of all? You don’t need any experience to participate. These groups will give you all the tools you need to discover a piece of our history.