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Travel Tip: Avoid Getting Kicked Off a Flight

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By now you know that bad behavior is the surest way to get booted off your flight. But I bet you didn’t know all the other reasons that can get you kicked off at a moment’s notice.

Sure, we dress for success in the hope of getting upgraded.  But did you know that dressing down could get you grounded?

There have been recent cases where passengers have been removed from flights for pants that are too baggy, or for pants that were barely there.

You might want invest in a travel-size cologne, since most airlines have policies that can remove passengers for being stinky. That’s right, if you have a so-called malodorous condition that’s not linked to a medical problem, they can boot you.

And here’s the perfect reason to hit the gym. If you’re big enough that you can’t fit comfortably between two arm rests, the airline may require you to purchase a second seat…or you’re off. Southwest actually this policy on the books.

The good news: if the flight isn’t oversold, they’ll refund the cost of the second seat.

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