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Travel Tip: Avoiding the Worst Weather Airports in America

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The impact of weather can really make or break a travel experience. So if you can anticipate which airports are more likely to be affected, the better your chances of getting from point A to point B.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Chicago O’Hare at the top of The Weather Channel’s recent list of the worst-weather airports in America.

Whatever the weather, northern tier cities like Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis and Boston, can have problems. In the winter it’s snow, clouds and wind. And in the summertime, it’s thunderstorms.

Even if it’s not storming, there are other types of inclement weather that can wreak havoc on schedules.

For example, at San Francisco International, its proximity to the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay mean moisture, low clouds, and fog.

But just a few miles away, Oakland’s airport tends to be much clearer, so it’s a much better bet if you need to fly in to or out of the Bay Area.

Even warm-weather destinations can have their weather problems. Atlanta, America’s busiest airport, has to deal with thunderstorms, rain and low-cloud delays.

The good news? They’ve done some modifications to have multiple runways that helps keep things running smoothly…. more or less.

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