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Travel Tip: Joining Celebrations and Festivals

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You can always travel for a major festival or celebration, but what if you could actually become part of the event?

One of the most famous festivals coming up is Mardi Gras: each float is organized by a different group so the trick is finding one that allows open membership.  One is called Orpheus, but there’s a fee which ranges from $1,500 to $2,500.  But that’s not the only Mardi Gras around!

Mobile, Alabama also celebrates with a family-friendly festival.  If you want to ride on a float and attend the society balls just get in touch with the Krewe de Bienville, which is a charitable organization so anyone can become a member.

And in Trinidad and Tobago, there are two seasons: Carnival and preparing for Carnival! Anybody can participate, just contact the National Carnival Commission and for $600 you can get a costume for the float and unlimited food and drinks during the 2-ay celebration. Now that’s a Carnival in and of itself.

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