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Transformational Travel: Three Life-Changing Vacations and Retreats

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A Community of Transformation

On the other end of the spectrum is Kripalu. The country’s largest holistic/ yoga-based retreat offers a whopping 800 life-changing programs per year on its 150-acre Berkshire campus. Housed in old Jesuit buildings, Kripalu’s atmosphere is comfortable, but minimalist, with no TVs or phones in its dorm or private rooms.

Kripalu’s strength lies in its phenomenal line-up of experts like relationship guru Harville Hendrix, Yogini Seane Corn and author Julia Cameron.  Throughout the year its most popular program, the R&R retreat is offered. This program allows you to structure your time at Kripalu to do anything from educational seminars, outdoor activities, yoga or simply to relax.

As a non-profit educational organization, Kripalu is unique in that it offers scholarships for individuals to attend. Over half-a-million dollars is offered in scholarship each year and about 20 percent of guests take advantage of the program.

[R&R retreats range from $152-$422. Workshop rates vary depending on the program, length of stay and type of accommodation]

Transform Your Career

Many times the crux of our problems revolve around being in a job we can’t stand. Considering the amount of time spent at work, if you hate what you do, it’s a big deal. But figuring out an alternative, and making it happen can be daunting. Vocation Vacations offers participants the chance to try on careers before committing.

Want to start a wine shop? Become a green home builder? Or perhaps own a bed & breakfast? Vocation Vacations offers you the chance to work side-by-side with someone in your prospective career to see what it’s really like day-to-day. More than 180 occupations and 500 mentors are ready to give guests a glimpse into a new life.

The one-to-three day immersion is like an internship on steroids and can provide valuable insight into what a new occupation entails and offers.

Individuals who’ve gone through the program have made career transitions from software consultant to yoga studio owner or from lawyer to country singer. Not surprisingly, the most popular test drives are in creative careers, and Vocation Vacations have found that 25 percent of participants are actively in the process of changing careers because of the experience. Of course, the experience can also show you that what you thought you wanted to switch to isn’t right for you, which is great to know before you spend lots of time and money on a new career.

[Most Vocation Vacation experiences last two days and range between $949-$1199.]

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