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Travel Trivia / Where in the World is Peter Greenberg?

Where in the World is Peter Greenberg?

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Peter may have his arms crossed in this picture, but he should be relaxing. He’s surrounded by people on vacation. Figure out where is Peter and help steer him toward a lounge chair and piña colada.

Be the first to guess Peter’s exact location to win this week’s “Where in the World is Peter Greenberg?” contest.

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  • You may just see a hint of blue in this picture but Peter is standing behind a pool that’s over 8,000 square feet. Hope he packed his water wings.
  • Peter may be wearing a University of Wisconsin T-shirt, but he is over 4,500 miles away from his alma mater.
  • Don’t be scared if you see a mouse on this property. It just might be part of the decor (think bedspread designs) or the entertainment.
  • The property Peter is staying at has a female name, but get this, the name means “king’s messenger.”
Congratulations to Lori Burns for guessing the correct answer in last week’s Where in the World is Peter Greenberg?: Peter is with Damian Rob of the Jamaica Dogsled Team at Jewel Dunn’s River Resort, in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.
Thank you to John, Crusingrammy, SquirePM, Carrie Dow and kj39 for your guesses. Better luck next time!