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Travel Tip: Cave Tours

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Around the world, there’s an experience that you might not have had. It’s about  going on a cave tour. Cave tours highlight everything from crystals and gems to bats.

Cave and Basin in Banff, Alberta, Canada is, quite literally, a cave with a hot springs inside. It is Canada’s first National Park and you can explore the hot springs and the original cave opening.

If you want to go really down under, go to the Naracoorte Caves in Australia. There you can visit both the Naracoorte Caves and Bool Lagoon. The Naracoorte Caves contain 26 different areas with 26 very different type of fossil deposits–some date back 500,000 years.

In Kentucky, the Mammoth Cave National Park has different tours each season. Depending on your fitness and comfort level tours, the tours visit different parts of the cave and highlight rock formations, the cave’s ancient minerals as well as the cave’s historic role in the war of 1812.

With any cave tour, it’s a good idea to have on comfortable footwear with good traction and wear layers of clothing. Most tours allow cameras, but little else. So pack light.

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