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Radio Guest List–Engadin St. Moritz, Switzerland, October 1, 2011

Hidden charges crop up everywhere when you travel. By now you know to avoid the common hotel and airline fees, but are you paying attention to your cell phone? Download a few emails or surf the internet from your phone abroad and you could come home to hundreds of dollars of data charges.

The Washington Post and Porfolio.com columnist Joe Brancatelli explains how to cut down on data roaming fees.

October and November mark the start of the shoulder season, the bargain-filled months in between the summer and the winter travel high seasons. As airfares drop up to 20 percent and hotels cut their rates by 30 percent, travelers don’t have to worry about finding a bargain. Instead, Travelocity’s Genvieve Shaw Brown helps pinpoint the best seasonal bargains.

On Saturday, October 1, Peter sits down with these travel experts and local guests as broadcasts his radio show from Engadin St. Moritz, Graubünden Switzerland.

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Featured guests include:

Joe Brancatelli, “Seat2B” business travel columnist for Portfolio.com and The Washington Post, explains his plan for avoiding data roaming charges when you travel.

Guido Ratti, a bobsleigh and Swiss language expert, describes his work at the only natural ice bobsleigh run in the world and his study of the the Romanisch language only spoken in the Engadin.

Reto Mathis, master chef and restaurant proprietor in Corviglia Funicular, talks about the six restaurants under his umbrella and the most popular dishes in the region.

Genevieve Shaw Brown, editorial director from Travelocity, lays out travel bargains during the shoulder season, the travel period in between summer and Thanksgiving.

Anna Caprez, reporter for Radio Rumantch, a Swiss radio station, offers a local’s perspective on Switzerland and her recommendations for the region.

Antonia Eisenhut, hiking guide for Engadin St. Moritz, explains how the environmental protections of Swiss national parks differ from the U.S and shares her favorite hikes at Schweizerischer National park.

Ed Hewitt, features editor for Independent Traveler, discusses his recent article, “Finding Hotel Rooms: No Vacancy? No Problem.”

Wim Rossel, head of the race department at the St. Moritz Sailing Club, shares his most entertaining stories of the winds and waves, and his experience in the legendary St. Moritz Match Race.

Kerrin Rousset, food and travel writer, talks with Peter about where to find the best chocolate (anywhere!) – and her Sweet Zürich tours.

Deborah Sharp, author of Mama Sees Stars, talks about the inspiration for her latest mystery story and her research into small town Florida.

By Lily J. Kosner for PeterGreenberg.com

Feature image credit: Dorena, WM, Flickr creative commons