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Travel Tip: Bicycling Apps

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A bicycle may seem like a technology-free zone, but there are several online services that can help improve the biking experience.

Not all streets are created equal for biking and knows the difference.

This smartphone app and website can help you map out the route, based on whether you want the most direct route, or the safest—which will steer you toward designated bike lanes.

Currently the app works for 36 cities across the world, including 12 in the U.S.

Or consider Google Maps. While it’s still in the Beta stage, the Google bike feature helps guide riders by choosing bikes lanes when available and provide estimates on how a long trip should take.

And if you get a flat or hear some mysterious clanking on the road, BikeRepair HD or the Bike Doctor app, both available for the iPhone and Android, will give you a step-by step guide to roadside repairs.

Of course, using your phone while bicycling is a major no-no, so all of these resources should be used only when you’re off the road and in a safe spot.

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