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Travel Tip: Commercial Aircraft On Display

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In many cases, when someone recommends an aircraft museum, it’s usually related to vintage planes or fighter jets.

But what you may not know is that there are more modern commercial jets on display, often times for some very special reasons.

Most recently, the Airbus A320 that Captain Sullenberger famously landed on the Hudson River made its final journey to its new permanent home: the Carolinas Aviation Museum, next to the Charlotte Douglas airport.

No, it didn’t fly there–it was transported by truck. The plane is currently in a hangar where they’re constructing the display for it, but it’s still viewable to visitors.

The Evergreen Museum in Oregon is best known for the Spruce Goose, the famous Howard Hughes-designed wooden flying boat.

But much more than that, the museum also holds more modern commercial aircraft like a 747-100, the world’s first jumbo jet.

And with the Concorde no longer in operation, there are only a handful of opportunities to see one of these supersonic airliners close up.

British Airways donated one of only 20 Concordes ever built to the Museum of Flight in Seattle.

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