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Flight Attendants Spicing Up Safety Instructions To Get Passengers’ Attention

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Air New Zealand Flight Attendant From Funny Safety VideoSome airlines are fighting safety doldrums by introducing humorous in-flight videos and encouraging their flight attendants to be creative with pre-flight instructions.

Typically, in-flight videos and instructions are so staid and familiar that passengers only vaguely pay attention to the information being presented.

Air New Zealand, however, recently rolled out a wacky safety video for its domestic 737 flights. The video includes a streaking granny and a bevy of buff rugby players from New Zealand’s national team.

Last year, Cebu Pacific flight attendants became Internet sensations for their safety dance routines choreographed to songs by Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.

In the United States, Southwest flight attendants are famous for delivering snarky one-liners during safety announcements. Some more ambitious Southwest flight attendants have gotten attention for rapping or singing their announcements.

For the most part, U.S. safety regulators are open to letting airlines deliver safety instructions any way they wish, as long as all the mandatory information is covered.

Some flight attendant unions and professional organizations, however, have expressed concern about making safety instructions entertaining. They say it makes flight attendants look like entertainers, which could undermine their authority.

Watch the video below:

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