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State Department Issues Worldwide Travel Alert for U.S. Citizens Abroad

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State Department Issues Worldwide Travel Alert for U.S. Citizens Abroad
The controversy over one man’s threat to burn the Quran on Saturday has prompted the U.S. State Department to issue a worldwide travel warning to all Americans abroad.

On Thursday, the State Department cautioned U.S. travelers that there is “the potential for anti-U.S. demonstrations in many countries.”

Several demonstrations, some of them violent, have already taken place in countries such as Afghanistan and Indonesia.

The State Department says the chances for further protests and demonstrations remains high, and that travelers should be aware of possible local reactions to the controversy.

U.S. government facilities are also taking measures this weekend to guard against possible attacks. The State Department says that facilities worldwide will remain at a heightened state of alert. Some facilities may even be temporarily closed or suspend public services if there are security issues.

Embassies in the countries of Jordan, Algeria, Syria, and Indonesia have special warnings in place for U.S. citizens.

Americans are being urged to avoid areas where demonstrations may take place, to monitor local news for updates, and to keep in contact with the nearest U.S. Embassy.

Travelers can register with the nearest U.S. Embassy through the State Department’s website and receiver up-to-date information on travel and security.

The worldwide travel warning comes after a week of controversy surrounding Rev. Terry Jones’ announcement that his church would burn Qurans on September 11.

Jones is the pastor of the evangelical Dove World Outreach Center church, which reportedly has no more than 50 members, but has somehow caught the attention of the global media.

On Thursday, Jones canceled Saturday’s Quran burning though the pastor did not specify whether or not the burning would take place on a future date.

The travel warning from the State Department, however, will stay in place until the end of the month.

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