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Travel Tip: Gay Friendly Hotels & Travel Portals

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Gay Pride Festival Flag - Unexpected Gay Pride eventsIf you’re a gay or lesbian traveler, the hotel industry is finding more and more ways to attract LGBT travelers, so here are some helpful resources.

Red Roof Inn recently announced that not only are its properties all gay-friendly, but they’ll actually offer a 15 percent discount to LGBT travelers.

How you’re supposed to prove that isn’t exactly clear, but it’s a nice touch.

Joie de Vivre, which operates boutique hotels in California, has a statewide promotion to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Gay Pride in San Francisco.

Gay and lesbian travelers who stay at any property into 2011 get 20 percent off the best available room rate.

And it’s not just hotel brands that are getting into it. recently launched its gay-friendly travel store, called Out & About, which highlights destinations, hotspots and hotels that are welcoming to the gay community.

Of course, this isn’t exactly groundbreaking: Orbitz launched its gay-friendly page back in 2002 and Travelocity added one in 2004.

A newer site out there, called, lists accommodations that comply with a list of non-discrimination policies.

And, if you’re looking for a one-stop shop for finding accommodations, check out, which has long been the gold standard for finding gay-friendly hotels, B&Bs and short-term rentals.

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