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GPS-Guided Driving Tours

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If you’re not one to join an organized tour group, it makes sense to use an audio tour to get around on your own. And these days, technology is making it easier with GPS-enabled driving tours. Here’s how it works…

You purchase a GPS audio tour and follow the instructions to get from point to point. A narrator explains notable sites and other highlights about the area.

There’s one called GaperGuide that takes you through Wyoming’s Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.

OK, it’s a little cheesy, considering the narrator is named “Colter the Moose.”

But for $25 for half a day, it’s not a bad way to be guided through these huge parks, especially if you’re not familiar with the area.

A company called offers audio tours that connect with Garmin-branded GPS navigators.

It takes you through places like San Diego and Santa Cruz, California, and the island of Oahu.

It even has highway tours, which can help make an otherwise boring drive more entertaining with stories and factoids.

And then there’s one called GoCar, which works a little differently.

Instead of driving your own car, you hop inside the GPS-equipped, two-seater GoCar and follow the directions.

Right now these little yellow cars can be found in cities like San Francisco, Miami, Barcelona, and Madrid.

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