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Off-Season Travel Savings: Summer in the Desert

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When the big summer travel season rolls around, is there any such thing as an off-season destination? You bet there is.

Summer is the slow season in the desert.

And that’s when you find the big discounts.

For example, Furnace Creek Resort in Death Valley National Park has a stay and play golf package that’s $170 in the summer, compared to $266 in winter.

The JW Marriott in Palm Desert, California, is dropping its rates and offering $50 daily credit until early September.

In Phoenix, a stay at the upscale Biltmore, plus a spa treatment and breakfast starts from $250 per person in the summer, compared to $420 in winter.

And in Scottsdale, summer rates at the Fairmont Princess start from $160 a night, versus $300 in the fall.

But all those deals come with caveats: to avoid extreme heat, go out in the early morning and evenings, and stay indoors in the afternoon.

Stay hydrated and avoid over-exertion.

And if you really don’t like the heat, remember that summer in the northern hemisphere is winter in half the world.

This is the time to save in South America, Australia and New Zealand.

To be a true contrarian traveler, you have to be flexible and have an open mind, but it pays off.

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