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Book & Movie Travel

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It’s one thing to see a book come to life by watching the movie version. But what if you could retrace the steps of your favorite story and actually experience it for yourself?

It’s hard to escape the Twilight phenomenon, so you may as well join it.

The town of Forks, Washington, has officially turned its Chamber of Commerce into a Twilight Visitors Center, where you can pick up a dedicated “Twilight” map of notable spots.

If you prefer a guided experience, The Dazzled by Twilight tour starts from $39 and includes stops at several familiar sites from the series.

Or you can travel in the characters’ footsteps with Select Italy, where fans can spend four days in ancient Tuscan cities that served as the backdrop for the recent film.

Of course, Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir, Eat, Pray, Love, has inspired many travelers to experience their own New Age travels.

A company called Spirit Quest Tours is offering a one-week trip to Bali that follows the author’s journey, including meetings with real-life characters from the book.

And if you can’t get the film Avatar out of your head, why not spend a night in a rainforest?

Lake Quinault Lodge’s “Pandora” package starts from about $100 a night, and includes accommodations and a rainforest tour for two.

How’s that for a real 3-D experience?

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